i have the eloquence of a banjo. and the charm of an old chair. so this is my practice.

symphosanna asked: creep creep.

for sure, for sure. 

to answer jaredwould, no i actually decided to use those two words together. 

jaredwould started following me. now if another two people did the same sometime within the next 10 i would be a tumblr beast.  

its a weird feeling realizing that everything I wanted to fall into place does just that. fall into place. so weird, in fact, that occasionally i get more caught up in being skeptical than just rolling with it. and the more i try to remember how i got to this point, the more i think i just lucked out. like if my life was an RPG and i forgot to save up to this point, theres no way i’d remember how to get back to this part of the game. fuck it. by this point, i realize that i can do with a little less skepticism and a lot more rolling with it. 

I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions.

—Augusten Burroughs (via saddest-summer)

happy post of the day:

sometimes i forget how much i like my friends. 

alright. that’s enough feelings. 

sex in the ear. in the freaking ear.